PTGui 8. 1. 4:to create panoramas

April 6, 2009, 4:00 pm

ptgui 8. 1. 4:to create panoramas   The new version of the program, which is designed to create panoramic images. The program is able to create spherical panoramas (360x180 degrees) as well as the cylinder (360 degrees). It can work with multiple rows of images and supports the bonding of hundreds of photos in a single project. Due to the fact that the result is presented in the form of level project, it is possible to adjust the position of every image of the panorama manually. PTGui supports HDR image format, and OpenEXR.
The latest version adds support for RAW formats of Sony. arw, and Pentax. pef, fixed bugs, updated the warning messages.
Creator:New House Internet Services Distributed:shareware, to $ 117 Operating System:Windows All Downloads can be here.


• PTGui arw
• PTGui raw pentax
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