Published data on the British base of the console

April 23, 2009, 1:41 pm

published data on the british base of the console   In its financial report, the company GAME, dealing with the proliferation of video games to make information from Chart-Track, told us about the approximate number of consoles in the homes of residents of the UK. In general, the data is very similar to the balance of power in the U. S. market.
The first took the Wii with 4, 9 million units sold. This is followed by the U. S. system with the Xbox 360 edition of 3, 2 million third place in the list of next-generation consoles PlayStation 3 picked up with 1, 9 million units. Older PS2 sold in the UK a huge circulation of 10 million boxes. This is not too surprising, given the 8-year period of the game system in stores.
As for the handheld entertainment consoles, it is the unconditional leader also has a product Nintendo. Circulation DS in the country is 8, 8 million units, while the PSP was able to disperse rival only in quantities of 3, 2 million copies.
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