Punto Switcher 3. 1. 0:switching the keyboard layout

April 5, 2009, 6:43 am

punto switcher 3. 1. 0:switching the keyboard layout   The new version of Punto Switcher - automatic changer keymap. The program works using the principle of the impossibility of certain combinations of letters to Russian and English languages. In the Russian language, for example, the word can not start with the letter Y. Punto Switcher is watching what the letters are typed on the keyboard and, if the program sees an invalid combination, for example, schku (More), after pressing space, Enter or Tab to switch layouts automatically. In addition, the program has many useful functions - AutoCorrect, diary, transliteration, etc.
What`s new in this version:
  • Ability to store user data (diary, dictionary of exceptions, the rules AutoCorrect and programs -elimination) in the folder, Punto Switcher.
  • Keyboard dead keys (dead keys) are now working correctly, you can use them when you write letters with diacritical marks (# 226, # 369, # 235, etc. ). Dead keys do not enter any characters, but change the character keys to click on after them.
  • to minimize the active window, and deploy applications using hot keys.
  • Now you can assign hot keys to quickly search the selected text in Yandex, Yandex. Dictionary, Russian and English Wikipedia.
  • Improved stability of the Punto Switcher to systems that are in addition to Russian and English are the other layouts.
  • updated rules change.
Developer:Yandex Distribution:free Operating system:Windows XP, Vista Size 2, 9 MB, you can Download here.


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