Qimonda will continue chipmeykerom ?

April 23, 2009, 9:35 am

   We continue to closely monitor developments around the subject of Qimonda. Remember that once one of the market leaders of integrated circuits memory now is on the verge of bankruptcy - the highlighted earlier financial support was not enough to overcome the difficult times for the company. At this time, guidance Qimonda is actively looking for investors willing to invest their funds in the rehabilitation of the company, and if that does not happen in the near future, will be the start of the bankruptcy process.
to revisit the situation around chipmeykera raises an interesting turn of events - an opportunity to large investors. But more importantly, they could be Russia, or rather, one of the public corporations. On the interest of the Russian side to the company Qimonda was stated by President of Saxony, Stanislaw Tilichem, reported on possible investments, after meeting with Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. How serious are the intentions of Russia and said the fact that the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Khristenko was one of the participants in the conversation, and that he would be charged with supervision of future investments. In other words, the initiative this time comes not from an individual, but from a state with its enormous financial opportunities, even in such a difficult time for the world economy.
On the part of the company Qimonda has no formal comments had been taken, however, unofficial sources were optimistic about the future. Moreover, in their situation now, all options are good - it is imperative to prevent the disappearance of the company.
But outside experts expressed optimism about Russia`s investment in the company Qimonda. In their view, Russia can not boast of much success in the market of semiconductor devices - the main achievements are related only in the local market. These companies, as angstrom, Micron and SITRONICS is not yet able to compete on equal terms with the majority of foreign companies chipmeykerov. The main problem is called the orientation of the local market and protectionism by the state to successfully conduct business without any investment in an enterprise that is now a compulsory element for creating a competitive company.
As far from the most successful attempts to purchase Western companies, one of the players of the industry of semiconductors, called the acquisition of shares in Altis Semiconductor SA, in August 2007. Previous owner of it, and IBM Infineon Technologies have agreed to cede their right of Advanced Electronic Systems (AES), run by the Russian side. However, in December 2008, the deal was canceled because negotiations with the AES did not lead to compromise, and the possible purchase did not materialize.
Turning to the question regarding Qimonda experts note that the main task, which will become the new owners will not simply an investment in the restoration of production and cover the debts. No less important, but even the primary task is to compile a business plan, which allows to identify the correct vector of development of the company over the medium term. If, however, simply limited to only a constant investment of money, it will only lead to destabilization of Qimonda, and will not lead to how any significant success on the world stage with its stiff competition and the need to move forward.


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