QIP PDA 2120 for devices based on Windows Mobile

February 7, 2009, 9:40 am

qip pda 2120 for devices based on windows mobile   The new version of the popular IM-client for devices operating on the basis of Windows Mobile 5 and 6. The program supports all display modes.
The main feature line of QIP PDA 2000 can be considered that the program was multiprotokolnoy. There are currently implemented protocols ICQ (almost full) and Jabber (receiving/sending text messages and work with a list of contacts). In addition, the program has the full support of skin, a contact list can be displayed in multiple columns, there is support for vibration, Animated Smiley and powerful system of pop-up messages.
The latest version of the following innovations:
  • added configuration device to manually select the device for flashing LEDs and vibration;
  • added in the editing menu of communications (providing easy access to devices without tachskrina);
  • a scaling Smiley (optional);
  • fixed hang when viewing a contact`s information in some other cases;
  • Fixed sound sleep mode on some devices;
  • Fixed the navigation on the list of contacts;
  • presented a lot of small fixes that affect the stability and design of the program.
Download the program for the PDA, you can here.
version for smartphones is available here.


• download qip 2120
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• qip pda config
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