Quartet cooler giant company Prolimatech

March 26, 2009, 2:22 pm

quartet cooler giant company prolimatechquartet cooler giant company prolimatechquartet cooler giant company prolimatechquartet cooler giant company prolimatechquartet cooler giant company prolimatechquartet cooler giant company prolimatech 
quartet cooler giant company prolimatech   It is still little in the world market of Taiwan company Prolimatech, specializing in the production of cooling systems, is preparing to fill up the model number just a number monstruoznyh cooler with the symbol:Megahalems, Genesis, Jericho and Mammoth. Apparently, all the solutions are positioned as a developer of devices for cooling the powerful central processing units, including the dispersed microchips.
Let`s start with the introduction of the new model with Prolimatech Megahalems, which is a cooler tower blocks with two radiators. The heat from the base of the device is transferred to the radiators through twelve teploprovodyaschih pipes. According задумке developers, Megahalems can be used as a passive radiator or a tie to the air fan, get active and quite powerful cooling system. According to the information available, the devices are just beginning to come into the world market, their value is about 60 euros.
unusual solution is cooler Genesis, which is divided into two separate engineering unit attached to the same six tubes. Each radiator is equipped with its own air unit fan. The separation device decides, apparently, the following tasks:cooling modules RAM horizontal block and output of warm air from a vertical stack.
Cooler Jericho represents also does not monolithic design:two different-sized blocks of available air radiator fan that increases the efficiency of dissipation of heat. However, this approach has repeatedly been used by engineers from competing companies - an idea is not new, but allows you to create effective solutions.
And the last cooling system, which may appear on the world market in the near future, a model of Mammoth. Engineers have decided to once again divide the cooler for two blocks, but unlike his fellow Genesis has two horizontal blocks. Not so difficult to guess that one of them cools the memory modules, and the second - the elements of the scheme catering motherboard. However, the central processor is not forgotten, and should remain cool even when it is breaking up.


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