Quick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplines

April 27, 2009, 6:44 am

quick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplinesquick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplines 
quick test:four processors for netbukov in various disciplines   CPU intended for netbukov and nettopov can not compete in terms of productivity with desktop or mobile. The minimum energy, that`s their basic dignity. Given the relative weakness and the other elements netbuka, the processor to a large extent and do not need to be very rapid. The small screen netbuka not allow comfortable viewing high definition video. Integrated graphics subsystem for the modern games are not suitable. But to know which of today`s processors to the most productive netbukov still be interesting.
go into our test lab a new model of 10-inch netbuka Acer Aspire One AOD150 gave impetus to the small atomic compare processors. The fact that the product uses a new processor Intel Atom N280, the operating frequency which is equal to 1, 66 GHz. It differs from the known chip Intel Atom N270, not only increased by 60 MHz clock rate, but also more high-speed system bus at 667 MHz (the N270 system bus 533 MHz).
We have collected four netbuka based on different processors. In netbuke from Hewlett-Packard is set processor VIA C7-M. The model operates at a frequency of 1, 6 GHz and has a volume of L2 cache equal to 128 Kb.
In one netbukov ASUS used Intel Celeron M processor 353 at the core of Dothan. The working frequency of 900 MHz, while the L2 cache of 512 KB.
In the other popular models from ASUS is a processor Intel Atom N270. The working frequency of 1, 6 GHz, 533 MHz system bus also supports HyperThreading.
In the novelty of a new Acer processor Atom N280.
Just want to note that when measuring the time of autonomous work netbuka Acer Aspire One AOD150 achieved over 5 hours of video playback. While reading a novelty lasted little more than 7 hours.
As a tool for measuring performance were chosen discipline SuperPi 1M, PiFast, wPrime 32M processor test and 3DMark 2006.
The results of Intel processors regularly, has long been known that the Celeron M 353 feels confident on the background of Atom processors in single applications. And this is what happened with a VIA C7-M, is difficult to explain. In Hewlett-Packard laptop was pre-operating system Vista. At first we thought that the reason for it. Several times a test drive, the result is the same, more than 5 minutes. Disable all services, without changes.
In the testing PiFast leader becomes Celeron M 353, the Atom N280 is ahead by 59%. In second place was the processor VIA C7-M, that alarming, considering the result of a failure in SuperPi 1M. Model Atom N280 slightly coped with the task faster than the Atom N270.
Multithreaded benchmarks clearly shows the strength of processors Atom - is HyperThreading. Now revenge is Atom N280, Celeron M 353 ahead by 64%. The processor is the company VIA is located between the processor and the Atom chip based on core Dothan.
Once again, weird results. If the group of VIA C7-M, Celeron M 353 and Atom N270 all, more or less clear how Atom N280 escaped so far, it is not clear. Of course, the additional 60 MHz could not be of any effect on the result, and increased tire. Perhaps the answer lies in the HT. It can be assumed that the testing of the Atom N270, the technology did not work, but Atom N280 was activated.
On the basis of tests, one can say that was the weakest processor VIA C7-M. Model Celeron M 353 is kept at the level of chip Atom, which in the case of optimization of multithreaded applications, of course tried to escape in advance.


• n280 Celeron M 353
• test celeron m 353 versus atom n280
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