Quick test:GeForce 9300 GE and GeForce 8200 in GeForce Boost

April 17, 2009, 11:29 am

quick test:geforce 9300 ge and geforce 8200 in geforce boostquick test:geforce 9300 ge and geforce 8200 in geforce boostquick test:geforce 9300 ge and geforce 8200 in geforce boostquick test:geforce 9300 ge and geforce 8200 in geforce boost 
quick test:geforce 9300 ge and geforce 8200 in geforce boost   Ironically, we now offer the reader acquainted with the work of the technology, which has refused the company NVIDIA. This is a Hybrid SLI, which operates in two modes - it HybridPower and GeForce Boost. HybridPower mode allows you to disable digital adapter if there is no load, thus saving electricity. Using GeForce Boost allows you to accelerate the schedule by the joint efforts of the integrated and discrete adapter.
In addition, interest is the video card GeForce 9300 GE, which, except for its frequency formula is not known. In the middle of last year, the California company has submitted two video card GeForce 9300 GS and GeForce 9300 GE, which are entry-level products. Of the important technical characteristics that affect the speed in 3D, is known only to a frequency equal to the formula 540/500/1300 MHz graphics core, memory and Shader units, respectively. On the number of functional blocks could only guess.
So, the video card GeForce 9300 GE is based on G98 chip made in accordance with rules 65-nm production methods, has 8 unified Shader units and 4 blocks rasterizatsii (ROP), which for a discrete graphics adapter is extremely small. For some reason the utility GPU-Z reports that we are nothing more than a bundle of GeForce 9400 and GeForce 8200. Also pay attention to the manufacturer`s graphics card GeForce 9300 GE. We turn now to the technical features GeForce 8200 integrated solutions, which is a part of chipset nForce 720A.
We have the nucleus, which has the code MCP78S. Immediately drew the attention of the number of unified Shader units, which equals 16. The number of blocks rasterizatsii is four. Frequency formula is 500/1200 MHz graphics core and Shader units, respectively. Because the solution uses for their needs of system memory, and operates on its frequency.
In order to find out what technology is capable GeForce Boost, we tested the Aspire X3200 desktop PC in the disciplines of 3DMark. This compact device is positioned on the role of producer of home multimedia station. The system is based on the base trehyadernogo processor AMD Phenom X3 8450, which runs at 2 1 GHz. Memory 2 GB. Invited to consult the results of tests GeForce 8200, as well as ligament GeForce 9300 GE and GeForce 8200 in GeForce Boost.
In modern applications of productivity growth is almost double the increase, suggesting the appropriateness of the regime, and GeForce Boost Hybrid SLI technology as a whole. While the new NVIDIA products, we no longer see.


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