Quick test:GeForce 9400M against GMA 4500MHD

April 22, 2009, 7:02 am

quick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhdquick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhdquick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhdquick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhdquick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhdquick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhd 
quick test:geforce 9400m against gma 4500mhd   In today`s media suggest the reader to become acquainted with the performance of graphic solutions GeForce 9400M, which is part of the chipset NVIDIA nForce 730i. After the announcement platform Centrino 2, NVIDIA Corporation in order to not miss a piece of cake in the market solutions for notebooks, announced this product, focused on designers, video editors and enthusiasts of computer games.
So, the GeForce 9400M graphics card has 16 unified Shader units, and 4 blocks rasterizatsii (ROP). Graphical kernel operates at a frequency of 450 MHz and Shader domain at a frequency equal to 1100 MHz. Bit memory interface is 64 bits. Given that the chipset NVIDIA nForce 730i can use the memory of standard DDR3, Integrated Graphics GeForce 9400M is able to obtain good performance, thanks to the capacity of such memory.
In the tested laptop MacBook 466RS/A used memory DDR3, which operates at a frequency of 530 MHz. Thus we can say that the frequency formula in our case for GeForce 9400M is 450/1100/530 MHz graphics core, memory and Shader domain, respectively.
To evaluate the performance adapter GeForce 9400M applied discipline 3DMark. An opponent has been selected accelerator GMA 4500MHD. A product of Intel is a small allowance, in the form of a more powerful processor Core 2 Duo P9500 clock frequency which is equal to 2, 53 GHz, while the cache second level 6 mb. In the notebook MacBook 466RS/A chip is the Core 2 Duo P7350, which operates at a frequency of 2, 0 GHz, and has a level of cache second level equal to 3 MB. For greater visibility, add another graphics card - digital adapter Mobility Radeon X2300, which is very popular in the budget-class notebook PCs.
The results of testing are presented below.
What a comment it makes no sense. The double advantage of GeForce 9400M over GMA 4500MHD observed in any test 3DMark. Discrete Adapter Mobility Radeon X2300 slightly ahead of the decision of Intel, but the competition GeForce 9400M certainly can not make. In general, get more than 4000 points in 3DMark 2005 for integrated mobile solutions - this is a very decent result.


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