Radeon 9550, so there is no same - GeForce 9550 GT

August 29, 2008, 11:18 am

radeon 9550, so there is no same - geforce 9550 gt   The new historical cycle, in due course Radeon 9550 graphics card has received tremendous popularity, and not only because it is not confronted the very successful series of NVIDIA FX, and thanks their characteristics and most importantly, the enormous potential of the booster. Looking back, the company NVIDIA, apparently decided to take himself and adopt a combination of digits 9550.
Anonsiruemy in September RV730 chip does not rest kaliforniytsam and this is not surprising. Video built on its base, will have 320 unified Shader processors and 128 - bit bus, which will provide unconditional advantage over the GeForce 9500 GT. Resource HardSpell explains that the answer is preparing NVIDIA GeForce 9550 graphics card GT, a decision which would compete video card Radeon HD 4670.
From both a competitor slide into the range of prices from $ 129. Data on the technical specifications are not available, the only thing we can say is that memory should be well has no DDR2, otherwise compete with the Radeon HD 4670 will fail. Most likely, the novelty will receive a higher frequency and the number of streaming processors will equal 32 as the GeForce 9500 GT.


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