Radeon HD 4650/4670 AGP appears thanks to PowerColor

March 10, 2009, 2:00 pm

   The accelerated graphics port AGP appeared in 1997 and actively promoted by Intel. When you tire PCIe seemed to matter with AGP graphics cards has been resolved. Of course, for some time continued to be issued in parallel graphics adapters for the two interfaces. However, over time, it ceased to be the norm. And reports of the emergence of AGP 8x accelerator is now perceived as a gimmick. On such a gimmick and will be discussed.
Products based on the RV730 chip favorably distinguished by high productivity and moderate prices. Video cards Radeon HD 4670 and Radeon HD 4650 will benefit users who have installed in your system unit motherboard with AGP 8x port. For such a chance is thanks PowerColor. Will the frequency formula is the same version with a PCIe interface, yet unknown. Also known as the price of such devices.
The manufacturer is yet to support its products in the drivers. The feasibility of the emergence of a powerful graphics cards for AGP systems can cause doubt. Will present a clear imbalance powerful accelerator and a relatively weak processor. It is reasonable to Radeon HD 4670 AGP 8x will look at the platforms 754 and AMD motherboards that supports Conroe.


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