Radeon HD 4670 will operate at a frequency of 750 MHz

August 8, 2008, 10:31 am

   The flow of news related to graphics solutions middle price range, news swept the tape of our site. Nothing is like, hot topic, which need to monitor very high. Again, let`s talk about a series of graphics cards Radeon HD 4670 and HD 4650, gave rise to this message with our colleagues resource Fudzilla.
They managed to get the frequency will work graphic chip RV730XT, decisions on the basis of which will receive the name Radeon HD 4670. Moreover, it is not left without attention and product referred to as Radeon HD 4650. The older will receive a decision on 750 MHz chip, 600 MHz low. Given that the RV730 chip must receive 320 streaming processors and work on such a decent frequency, it becomes an interesting question of productivity, which can be demonstrated with such characteristics.
needs to be said that the information which relates the speed of the memory, we already have, this was the message a month ago. Radeon HD 4670 will receive the memory runs at 1000 MHz, and Radeon HD 4650 at 100 MHz less. These solutions will be available in September.
Pozitsionirovatsya graphic adapters will be as competitors Geforce 9500GT and that the most interesting, colleagues say that winning the series will look Radeon HD 4600.


• 4670 not 750
• chip RV730XT
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