Radeon HD 4730 and HD 4750 - the title of best solutions based on RV740

February 3, 2009, 7:12 am

radeon hd 4730 and hd 4750 - the title of best solutions based on rv740   Turn came to know the name of the product AMD, graphics processor which is made using 40-nm manufacturing process. Characteristics of chip RV740 is already more or less we know. The number of stream processors should be equal to the number 640, bus 128-bit memory, moreover, declared support for GDDR5. This computing power will allow bypass of productivity solutions based on RV730 and closer to the RV770.
Catalyst Drivers 9. 1 carry valuable information that relates to the issue before us. The file CX_74230. inf contains a reference to the two new products, which are named as the Radeon HD 4730 and HD 4750. However, the device belongs to a family of RV630, which may confuse some, because there is no mention of the RV740. The point is that in this case, the designation indicates the RV630 driver belong to a generation of Radeon HD 4730 and HD 4750. On the other hand, as we have previously reported, AMD partners are preparing for the exhibition CeBIT decisions based on RV740. Thus, it is likely that support for these products has found its place in the drivers Catalyst 9. 1.
We have already talked about such strange items as the Radeon HD 3730 and Radeon HD 3750. Video related to a family of RV630, although according to GPU-Z built on the base of chip RV635.
If the assumption of the title will be correct, one would remain unknown in the formula for RV740. Name unknown - performance.


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