Radeon HD 4830:Two original model from partners AMD

October 21, 2008, 10:15 pm

radeon hd 4830:two original model from partners amd 
radeon hd 4830:two original model from partners amd   Production partners AMD welcomed the proposal to issue another graphics card based on chip RV770, which will become a direct competitor to GeForce 9800 GT. Such a conclusion can be drawn after getting acquainted with the latest news on gaming accelerators. Today, two days before the official Announcement Radeon HD 4830, the list of interested producers present at least four companies. Yesterday, we were told of two serial products from MSI and Sapphire. Today explore another couple of original models of Tul Corporation and Palit Microsystems, which will market under the brand name PowerColor and Yeston.
According to information posted on the Chinese site Expreview.com, data graphics card is fully fit in our understanding of the Radeon HD 4830. Graphic RV770 core of each of the accelerators have 640 streaming processors out of 800 possible. Videobufer volume of 512 MB of memory chips represented by eight types of GDDR3. The width of the tire memory is equal to 256 bits. Both models operate at frequencies of 575/900 (1800) MHz.
Since AMD did not give its partners the standard version of the design Radeon HD 4830, each model is unique. This policy has allowed producers to immediately seek solutions, the best in terms of cost. Accelerator PowerColor Radeon HD 4830 assembled on board the shortened red. Performance Nutrition markedly simplified compared to the Radeon HD 4850 and other modifications Radeon HD 4830. For graphics chip operates two converter. Memory chips are connected to a single power circuit.
To cool the chip provides a medium-sized aluminum radiator, led by the fan. The forced diversion of heat from the power of food chains has a separate cooler. We must pay tribute to the engineers for installing a metal plate to cool the memory chips that will deliver disperse the supporters of both simple and worry.
The recruitment video accelerator PowerColor Radeon HD 4830 - that called for all occasions. In addition to a digital interface DVI and analog D-Sub on the rear panel is a multimedia port HDMI. Of course, it will facilitate switching to modern ploskopanelnymi TVs and monitors with the entrance.
Judging by photographs, video Yeston Radeon HD 4830 as yields on the length of the printed circuit board reference model Radeon HD 4850. Red responsible corporate style graphics unit AMD. Known marking the memory chips - Samsung K4J52324QE-BJ1A. Time sampling 1, 0 ns corresponds to the nominal frequency 1000 (2000) MHz and promises good prospects in suppressing the memory. Performance Nutrition includes three-phase converter for graphic core. Zapitany memory chips through a separate channel.
Cooling Yeston Radeon HD 4830 seems more thoughtful and effective than the product labeled PowerColor. It is hoped that the two aluminum radiators, heat pipe connected, will be sufficient to ensure videochipu stability not only in nominal mode, but with moderate dispersal. To avoid overheating force elements, engineers Palit cover their aluminum radiator. The collection of video accelerator has a pair of digital DVI ports and one HDMI.
According to the source version, considered today, it must appear in computer stores at the end of this month. We have to believe first and foremost this applies to the Asian market. Accelerator PowerColor Radeon HD 4830 will sell for about $ 132. To model Yeston Radeon HD 4830 prices did not accurately named. Only made it clear that it will cost less than $ 150.


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