Radeon HD 4870 TOXIC:dispersal and original cooler Vapor-X

September 19, 2008, 1:36 pm

radeon hd 4870 toxic:dispersal and original cooler vapor-xradeon hd 4870 toxic:dispersal and original cooler vapor-xradeon hd 4870 toxic:dispersal and original cooler vapor-x 
radeon hd 4870 toxic:dispersal and original cooler vapor-x   Videokarta Radeon HD 4850 appeared in line Sapphire TOXIC after a few weeks after the release of graphic chip RV770, which did not say on the Radeon HD 4870. It seemed that the older model with memory GDDR5 not hurry to meet with enthusiasts wanted the most productive single accelerator from AMD with the alternative cooling and, if lucky, with factory acceleration. And now, only now, after almost three months since the announcement Radeon HD 4850/4870, the representative of a new ruler TOXIC awarded a separate page on the official site of Sapphire.
During his special status among competing products, toxic version Radeon HD 4870 obliged, first of all, the original cooling system Vapor-X, which covers the entire side frontal Boards and occupies two expansion slots. This is its own design engineers Sapphire, based on technology Vapor Chamber Technology (VCT). Such solutions are already used in some models of a series of Radeon HD 3800 and proved perfectly in terms of efficiency and noise.
Recall that the essence of the concept of VCT is largely overlaps with the principle of the heat pipes. Transferring the heat through evaporation occurs legkokipyaschey liquid in a hot part and further condensation in a cold. After that liquid flows again in hot seat, starting a new cycle. The developers of Sapphire finalized this idea and proposed a working fluid in a more spacious vaporizing chamber at the wall which caused several classes with a special filling capillary structure.
Photos Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 TOXIC issue presence in the cooling system of three copper heat pipes, distributing heat radiator on the ribs. Its airflow is the only fan, whose speed varies depending on the load on the accelerator and temperature.
Of the other important characteristics of new items must be noted support for the latest API DirectX 10. 1 (SM 4. 1), 512 MB of memory equipment GDDR5 with 256 - bit interface, compatibility with PCI Express graphics bus 2. 0. Recall also the support of technology CrossFireX, which allows to combine in one system to four cards. The objective function of ATI PowerPlay is to increase the cost video. Technology ATI Avivo HD, video Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2), 7. 1-HD-channel audio and multimedia port HDMI (via adapter DVI-HDMI) ensures video card Radeon HD 4870 TOXIC predominant position in the center of home entertainment.
should also be stressed that the installation of highly efficient cooling system Vapor-X prompted developers to disperse the graphic chip and memory chips. Frequency formula for a new accelerator increased with the standard 750/900 (3600) to 780/1000 MHz (4000) MHz. Such dispersal can not be described as impressive, however, with the advent modified GeForce GTX 260 with 216 Shader processors for video card Radeon HD 4870 any further important argument in their favor.
The main characteristics of video cards Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 TOXIC:
  • graphics processor (GPU):Radeon HD 4870 (RV770);
  • technology GPU:55 nm;
  • the number of streaming processors:800;
  • number textured blocks:40;
  • number of blocks ROP:16;
  • frequency GPU:780 MHz;
  • volume and type of memory:512 MB GDDR5;
  • the width of the tyre Memory:256 bits;
  • memory frequency:1000 MHz (effective - 4000 MHz);
  • video:2 x Dual-Link DVI, S-Video (HDTV-output);
  • graphical Bus:PCI Express 2 . 0;
  • active cooling system Vapor-X.


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