Radeon HD 4890:New information from photographs and tests

March 23, 2009, 6:54 am

radeon hd 4890:new information from photographs and testsradeon hd 4890:new information from photographs and testsradeon hd 4890:new information from photographs and testsradeon hd 4890:new information from photographs and tests 
radeon hd 4890:new information from photographs and tests   As we approach the announcement video card Radeon HD 4890, based on a new graphics chip RV790, AMD company has become increasingly difficult to keep secrets about their design. Launching new products in the series has greatly expanded range of proxies involved in the production process, which will surely increase the likelihood of information leakage. Two days ago we met with the first photos of upcoming video and test results in 3DMark06 and 3DMark Vantage, promulgated Asian source. At the turn - a new piece of information that has circulated an American website DailyTech and Taiwanese Ocheaven.com.
First of all, I would like to add to the piggy bank photos Radeon HD 4890, two new photo posted on the site DailyTech. The first picture back of the card with the label gives the model name, identification number and country of manufacture. The serial number of known reasons obscure.
The second picture depicting pulled Video reveals much more details about a novelty. First, he wants to draw attention, it is redesigned subsystem power. Developers reference design Radeon HD 4890 introduced five channels catering for the needs of the graphic processor and two channels to memory. Recall that the power of the standard version Radeon HD 4870 is organized by a simpler scheme 3 2.
The additional power is connected through two 6-pin connectors. And, on the printed circuit board, there are additional contact sites for the installation of the connector with 8 contacts. It is possible that this version of the design will be used for the production of dispersed models Radeon HD 4890 with great power, which later will provide manufacturing partners AMD.
In addition, the picture makes it clear that the new accelerator cooling system has also been affected refinement. The developers decided to use three copper heat pipes, and not two as in the case of the Radeon HD 4870. Adjusted VGA-cooler inherited from the predecessor up a teplosemnik such as copper, aluminum radiator, fan and turbine-type cast aluminum alloy plate, which remove heat from the memory chips and batteries.
American life confirms that the graphical kernel Radeon HD 4890 operates at a frequency of 850 MHz, 1 GB videobufer volume - at 975 (3900) MHz, providing a peak bandwidth of 124, 8 GB/sec. The number of stream conveyor remains open. However it is clear that the graphics chips RV790 and RV770 are not only the design frequencies. Without architectural improvements, you need to believe there were, because a simple lifting of frequencies up to 850/975 (3900) MHz it is impossible to provide promised benefits over the Radeon HD 4870 to 20-30%.
In the meantime, members of the site Fudzilla.com suggest that developers of AMD stream processors optimized and improved Shader performance. In turn, enthusiasts with a forum Beyond3D.com argue that the marked difference in the size of the nucleus RV790 and RV770. Using cheesecake Radeon HD 4890 graphics card, they calculated that the area of crystal RV790 about 25-30 square meters. mm above the area of RV770. Consequently, if the packing density of transistors on a crystal remains the same, their number in the RV790 should surpass the psychological barrier of 1 billion
If you believe information from the site DailyTech, next week, programmers from AMD should finish training the new drivers, which will increase the speed of video card Radeon HD 4890. This means that the first utekshie test results, published recently in the Network and frustrated many fans brand Radeon, did not accurately reflect the real possibility of future uniprocessor flagship AMD.
As a continuation of the theme of informal tests Radeon HD 4890 I would like to draw attention to new information from the initiator of the first diversion, the Taiwanese site Ocheaven.com. In the second series of tests took part, the same configuration is based on the Intel Core i7 920, running on a standard frequency of 2, 67 GHz. Experimental video was dispersed up to 900/1000 (4000) MHz. Taiwan testers have noted that they had used the current beta drivers, which may not disclose the full potential of the architecture Radeon HD 4890.
From the diagnostic utility GPU-Z, known as Wizzard, improved support for the new graphic chip, which demonstrate the screenshots released by the Taiwanese.
According to the program, the number of stream processors and blocks rasterizatsii (ROP) remains the same as the RV770. When working in 2D-mode kernel is warmed to 66 C # 730;, the speed of the fan while reaching ~ 1800 rpm. Yet unknown in which a working turbine:manual or automatic.
Finally, turn to the latest information from the staff website Fudzilla.com on the date of announcement of new products. According to them, the company will officially present AMD Radeon HD 4890 for three days after the expected date - April 6, not a Monday and Thursday 9 April. This day will be announced only the most productive single graphics card with the kernel RV790, which will replace the Radeon HD 4870. Mass Products in the first 40-nm chip RV740 will be at a later date, tentatively in late April or early May.
As you know, next week in San Francisco will host the next conference for developers of games GDC 2009 (Game Developers Conference). Hopefully, at this event in addition to the advanced game technology and developments in the field of computer graphics will be touched upon future products AMD and NVIDIA.


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