RAID-array Verbatim volume of 2 TB - reliability and speed

December 19, 2008, 9:53 am

raid-array verbatim volume of 2 tb - reliability and speed 
raid-array verbatim volume of 2 tb - reliability and speed   The company Verbatim announced the expansion of its range of external hard drives and provided a RAID-array level 2 TB. Two 3. 5-inch disc, combined into a single array to involve the maximum amount of memory and an increase almost twice the speed of data transmission using RAID level 0 or guarantee a high level of preservation of information through mirroring in the form of building a RAID-1 level.
In RAID 0 mode, the user receives an order every two terabytes of storage, using a process known as strayping - even distribution of data in both the physical disk. The advantages of this mode of dealing with multimedia and graphics applications, as well as in the processing of streaming data. The interface connectivity becomes a bottleneck - eSATA connection allows you to exchange data at speeds up to 3 Gb/s, which is six times the speed USB-port of 480 Mbit/sec.
Hard Drive Verbatim with RAID function works quietly and protected from perenagrevaniya. Ease backup guaranteed sold with the licensing program Nero Back It Up 2 Essentials.


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