Raidmax Smilodon - a stylish housing for gamers

March 6, 2009, 10:16 am

raidmax smilodon - a stylish housing for gamers   In the arsenal of a new series of Raidmax shells Smilodon, aimed at advanced gamers, enthusiasts. Raidmax Smilodon at first glance is a normal body for amateurs Modding. Aggressive forms, transparent window and the cover for the front panel with highlighted boxes will have on the soul lovers liners custom appearance, but Raidmax Smilodon is good not only for its exterior, but also convenient functionality.
The main idea, which is the basis for the shell - it bezotvertochnaya assembly. In fact, often have to change, for example, the graphics card, or add memory or change the level of cooling of the CPU - for advanced users it is very common. Special recline chassis provides full access to the motherboard and allows the computers to collect as quickly as possible, and replace components literally on the fly. Raidmax saves users time, even in small things:stands for the size ATX boards are already installed on the chassis.
video cards, hard drives, optical drives - all of these components in new Smilodon did not need to reinforce with screws. Special skids, catches and spud ensure the reliability of collected construction, as well as the possibility of quick replacement of components. In addition, Smilodon supports systems with two graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire.
The cooling system - and in this aspect, Smilodon did not disappoint even the extreme overclockers:the system has two 120 mm fan blows the power supply and feed cold air into the body, as well as four 80 mm fan, cooling compartment of the hard drives, motherboard and processor. The body can be equipped with 500 W power supply, you can also buy a building without a BP, which is especially appreciated by lovers of super configurations are often used in PCs and kilowatt power supplies.


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