Randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity Phenom II X4

December 27, 2008, 10:56 am

randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4 
randomness, coincidence and the law - upper capacity phenom ii x4   Taking a small respite from shkvala news concerning the booster-building has not yet submitted processors Phenom II X4, we have another batch of evidence in this matter. It is gratifying that the accumulated information covers the acceleration of advanced chips with the use of air cooling, and using extreme cooling. Thus, each reader, who planned to buy a processor Phenom II X4, will receive its portion of evidence is not depending on the cooling system, planned for installation on a chip.
Visitor Forum XtremeSystems.org under the nickname kaka_vn talk about their experiences disperse processor Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition. Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H and cooler Zalman, helped with the increased supply voltage up to 1, 552 in to get a stable operating frequency 4, 17 GHz. Screenshot managed to shoot at a frequency of 4, 2 GHz, while the system was unstable.
To achieve the frequency of 4, 4 GHz managed through the use of a cooling of dry ice. Operating voltage was increased to 1, 6 B. At a frequency of a system characterized by stability, which can not be said about the frequency of 4, 8 GHz.
The next type of cooling has achieved much more impressive results. Resource Planet3DNow ! provided the results of the crackdown processor Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition, cooled by liquid nitrogen. The three processors who were in the hands of overclockers, calmly conquered milestone in the 5 GHz and stable under load. Record results have been at a frequency of close to 6 GHz.
As we have seen in a recent article, the secret of a successful crackdown processor Phenom II X4, most likely, is running bus HyperTransport. According to colleagues, tested in two processor motherboard, which can change the mode of HyperTransport downward, enabling them to withstand the temperature of minus 190 degrees Celsius. The third processor was installed in charge Foxconn A79A-S, devoid of such a possibility, as a result, at a temperature of minus 160 degrees Celsius of its stable work has already violated. To judge only one such example of the remarkable impact of HyperTransport bus to disperse the 45-nm processors AMD course not, but all spoke in favor of such a theory.
The latest data on the potential for accelerating processor Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition once again confirm the accumulated statistics. The use of air-cooling makes it possible to obtain stability at 4 GHz, extreme cooling and proper adjustment at 6 GHz.
At the end of the note say a few words regarding the availability of processors Phenom II X4. According to the website Fudzilla.com selling processors can begin at the 53rd week of 2008. In other words, since 29 December.


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