Rating the best gifts on February 23:version of Google

January 27, 2009, 2:53 pm

   Every year on 23 February, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, women have to run off with a foot in search of gifts for your favorite defenders. Specialists Google decided to help the ladies in this matter and prepared a ranking the most popular queries on the combination of a gift to men, to see what is it that men will be presented by 23 February.
As it turned out, the main desire of Russian women - is urgently address the appearance of their loved ones. It seems that the real defender of the motherland should be well dressed, have a watch, handbag or briefcase, wearing a ring (perhaps a wedding), use parfyumom and do wear tights.
full list of popular queries as a gift a man looks like this:

  • menswear;
  • men`s watches;
  • men`s bags;
  • Men`s rings;
  • men`s perfume;
  • male pantyhose;
  • portfolios;
  • men`s shirts;
  • lighter;
  • pen.
bushuyuschego Given the tangible consequences of the crisis, we would like to recall that not every gift can be bought for money. Therefore, the existing rating can be used as a guide.


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