Recall - Video ATI 3D RAGE II

March 3, 2009, 11:14 pm

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recall - video ati 3d rage ii   Far 90`s when all the 3D graphics were not so beautiful as now, when many owners want their completed card additional 2 MB of memory, when the emergence of the first decisions a California company 3dfx revolution, when the graphics adapter on the market were not three or four players as it is now, and much more, when the first 3D-games have already started to present their demands to the hardware of the PC. . . What were the video card ? How do they look ? Of course, cover all products of that time is not possible, but these are the basic worth a try. Most likely, the old surge nostalgic feelings about those glorious times. And the younger generation will be interesting to see what decisions were the basis of modern graphics accelerators.
In the material the reader can get acquainted with the technical specifications of adapters and their images. Special thanks to enthusiasts Kolian for assistance in creating the material.
Today`s hero - this chip is ATI 3D RAGE II, which appeared in mid-1996. The second generation chip RAGE provide higher performance in 3D, compared with the ATI RAGE. Based 3D RAGE II formed the nucleus revised Mach64. The speed in 2D increased by 20% compared with RAGE, was also added full MPEG video playback. Chip 3D RAGE II provide support for texture filtering, Mip-Mapping, Alpha-Blending (alpha blend) and Z-buffering. The accelerator has worked with the memory of EDO, SDRAM or SGRAM, the amount which could be 2, 4 and 8 MB. Price chip is equivalent to $ 35. There were represented in the lineup RAGE II three models - this IIC, II, II DVD.
We offer the reader to examine the appearance of accelerators based on ATI 3D RAGE II. Let`s start with the ATI 3D Rage II DVD 4 MB PCI.
The product contains 4 MB of memory type EDO. In addition there is a video.
The following ATI 3D Rage II DVD 2 MB PCI received a total of 2 MB of memory, but more high-speed type. Memory SGRAM able to work at a frequency of 100 MHz.
ATI 3D Rage IIC 2 MB PCI-based chip Rage IIC, which appeared in 1998. Type of Memory EDO, the amount of 2 MB.
The uniqueness of this adapter ATI 3D Rage II DVD 4 MB PCI is an additional fee, which unsolder the memory chips. The amount of memory to 2 MB video card, plus an additional fee for an additional 2 MB. The memory is able to operate at a frequency of 100 MHz.

And perhaps the most valuable exhibit, video card ASUS V264GT Plus based on the ATI 3D Rage II DVD. Memory of two to 2 MB, 10 ns sampling time.


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