Release of the new Intel Itanium postponed again

February 10, 2009, 8:18 am

   Still no chip from Intel Itanium family did not see the light without divisions and delays, sometimes very long. Not changing the tradition, the company postponed the withdrawal again Intel updated the server processor Itanium, known as code-named Tukwila, initially expected at the end of last year. After the publication date transferred for the first quarter of this year, but has now become aware of another postponement, this time until mid-year. Company representative stated that the main reason for this decision was the intention to work with Tukwila buferizirovannoy memory type DDR3, which Intel plans to apply to the entire line of servers. In the original version of 65-nm Quad Tukwila chip has been designed to work with the memory of FB-DIMM.
Intel representative added that the company also wanted to ensure compatibility of connectors Tukwila processors and next generation family of Itanium, code-named Poulson and Kittson. Mass production of components of the system boards, including the buffer chip, will begin in the second half of this year, and begin shipping prototypes of the company expects to have in the first half. Intel believes that the transition to DDR3 support will ensure a longer life cycle of platforms, because memory predicts the relevance of this type on a significant portion of future decades.


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