Released cantilever scanners Dr. Web 5. 0

February 17, 2009, 11:48 am

released cantilever scanners dr. web 5. 0   The company Doctor Web, announced the release of new versions of the console scanners Dr. Web for DOS, Windows, OS/2. Console crawlers Dr. Web without a graphical user interface represents a cost-effective solutions for advanced users who know how to work with the command line. In their work, used the total of new products Dr. Web (Dr. Web Security Space and Anti-Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows) updated antivirus kernel, as well as the viral base.
In a console scanners Dr. Web for DOS, Windows, OS/2 - an updated anti-virus kernel is well-proven reliable in the work of Dr. Web Security Space and Anti-Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows. Created with the use of Dr. Web for detection and neutralization of Internet threats, it can detect viruses hidden under unknown packers, check the archives at any level of nesting. The high probability of recognition of malicious sites, is not yet known viral-based Dr. Web, is ensured through advanced technology nesignaturnogo search Origins Tracing.
In addition to significantly increasing the speed of verification and undemanding to system resources, embedded in the console scanners Dr. Web 5. 0 due to the updated kernel, specialists Doctor Web, fixed a number of errors encountered in the previous version.


• dr. web console scanner for dos
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