Replenishing the family Photo SELPHY - ES3 and ES30

August 22, 2008, 4:20 pm

replenishing the family photo selphy - es3 and es30replenishing the family photo selphy - es3 and es30 
replenishing the family photo selphy - es3 and es30   Ruler of Canon SELPHY added new models - compact photo ES3 and ES30, which replaced the SELPHY ES2 and SELPHY ES20, respectively. The main differences from novelties predecessors - these changes to the design of mobility, complemented by gold and silver color cartridges and displays more diagonal and improved performance (model SELPHY ES3 has a screen with a diagonal 3, 5 inches, SELPHY ES30 - with a diagonal 3 inches).
Models SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30 saved a compact vertical design with the withdrawal of the photo printed at the top of the shell. Shells SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30 differ curved lines, and they still occupy less space for storage. The handle for carrying provides increased portability, and changes in the positioning of connectors to vertical memory cards facilitates the work of the printer.
Another feature ES3 and ES30, like the predecessors, are universal kits Easy Photo Pack, combining in a single ink cartridge and photo. If desired, they can be replaced by reaching complete Gold Easy Photo Pack (E-P20G) and Silver Easy Photo Pack (E-P20S), instead of using standard gold and silver flowers.
Also, they have the opportunity to print directly from a memory card, a digital photo or video cameras using Bluetouth-built module or infrared port. In addition, the model SELPHY ES3 has built a capacity of 1 GB of memory that allows you to store your favorite photos for re-printing. Convenient placement of buttons, scroll through a special drive and built the power supply is further enhanced the mobility of ergonomics and work with printers ES3 and ES30.
In software innovations also added several new printing effects. In addition to the special stamp set of buttons artistic effects complement another three new:bright modernity, camera obscura (with imitation effect vignetting peculiar old cameras) and nostalgia.
In sales, both models will appear in September this year. Price SELPHY ES3 will be about $ 200, and SELPHY ES30 will cost $ 150.


• canon es3 and es30 differences
• selphy es3 es30 differences
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