Report Spam in the first half of Kaspersky Labs

September 10, 2008, 7:41 pm

report spam in the first half of kaspersky labs   Kaspersky Labs submitted semi-annual report on spam in the first half of 2008. Laboratory Specialists say that in the first half of 2008 spam averaged 85% of the mail traffic Runeta. The minimum percentage of spam - 64, 2% - was recorded on May 3, the maximum - 97, 8% - March 1.
In late spring - early summer, it was observed seasonal decline in the share of spam. In summer, usually seen in the lower orders spammers, as a result of the number of spam e-mail declining. But the past two years, so spammers actively recruited new clients, that even in the summer months the number of spam continued to grow. Typical summer months, reducing the proportion of spam at the end of the first half of 2008 may indicate a saturated market spamming. An indirect confirmation of this is reducing the number of advertising and spamming services:in 2007 on its share accounted for more than 7% of the spam, and in the first half of 2008 - 4, 3%. In doing so, new spammers are seeking to attract customers through quality sends advertising - to create patterns of letters are programmers, designers and marketing specialists.
One-fifth of all letters spamovyh (21%), clogged Runeta mail, is sent from Russia, 13% - from the U. S. , 10% - from Spain, 9% - from Italy, 4% - from Brazil and the same -- From France. Despite the vast geography of spam sources, in RuNet flow of garbage mail formed mainly by Russian spammers. This is evidenced by the dominance as spamovyh letters in Russian (79%) and daily activity - according to Moscow time - botnetov from which spammers Russians. In doing so, only 13% of such botnetov are in Russia.
Most spamovyh letters (44, 4%) - a letter in the format of plain text. He is chosen because in this format has written a very light (1-5 Kb), and, accordingly, a large mailing list will be distributed faster. A third spamovyh letters (31, 1%) contains html-part, which allows better formalize the letter and use advanced techniques to circumvent spam filters. The proportion of letters with embedded images (jpeg and gif) is 23, 9%.
In the first half of 2008, spammers have made several attempts to improve the old methods to circumvent filters. The emphasis has been placed on noise text. At this time think of spammers new tricks, especially using mail clients:using html-tags they tried to make the letter, on the one hand, included a zashumlyayuschy text, but on the other remained clean for the user.
Five leading spamming subjects seems very traditionally:Medicine;goods and services for health (27, 45%), Education (13, 86%);Repliki elite goods (10, 68%);Leisure and Travel (8, 45 %);Services electronic advertising (4, 33%). Heading Repliki elite goods (mainly advertising copies hours Rolex and cellular phones Vertu), appeared in March, immediately took - 3 rd place and no longer losing their positions. This high percentage of entry gained through letters in Russian.
Category Computer fraud - one of the leaders of the first half of 2007 - not only left the top five, but also became clear outsider:its share was only 2, 54%. Recall that in 2007, this category includes 6, 9% of all spam in the first half of 2007 - 8, 6% in 2006 - 14, 3%. Unfortunately, this decline is hardly shows that the Internet has become less criminalized. Rather, it is possible to talk about the targeting of fraudulent attacks. There is interaction with other representatives of spammers kiberkriminala - and this interaction makes spam especially dangerous.
As expected in the next semester ? Probably, spammers continue experimenting with html-code, it is possible that in the second half of the year will revive some old methods and tricks to circumvent the protection. There is no doubt that the fall in the number of spam e-mail will grow - after seasonal downturn spamming activity is necessarily its recovery.
full version of the report can be read on the site Spamtest.


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