Reprints God of War for Blu-ray can not happen

April 20, 2009, 12:48 pm

reprints god of war for blu-ray can not happen   Sony recently held a special sociological study, which met with the idea that the company is preparing to re-in Blu-ray the first two parts of God of War. Products included in the alleged collection edition God of War 3. This news is extremely interested in the gaming community. Fans immediately began to discuss the credibility of such a scenario.
Unfortunately, shortly after the first reports on the study, representatives from Sony made an official statement on a blog Kotaku. Staff SCEA said that the survey does not guarantee re-two very powerful action in the version for the PS3. This is just a marketing study, which has no solid base.
In any event, to see God of War 2 on Blu-ray, we would very much like. We hope that Sony does make a reprint.


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