Resident Evil 5:Race, Beauty and the shooting

October 30, 2008, 9:16 pm

resident evil 5:race, beauty and the shootingresident evil 5:race, beauty and the shootingresident evil 5:race, beauty and the shooting 
resident evil 5:race, beauty and the shooting   The magazine Famitsu published a few fresh screenshots promising ekshena Resident Evil 5. Let quality images and not the best, but the content must be commended. The explosions, monsters, race and the main characters look just fine.
is worth noting that the game be more emphasis on cooperative passage. You`ll be able to push through crowds of enemies in the company`s partner, whose role is to perform beautiful Mulatka named Sheba Alomar (Sheva Alomar). According to the story Casters &Western press, Resident Evil 5, you will also meet with famous evildoers Veskerom Albert (Albert Wesker), povzroslevshey Sherry Birkin (Sherry Birkin). The main character - Chris Redfild (Chris Redfield), debyutirovavshy still in the very first Resident Evil.
  • New screenshots of Resident Evil 5.


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