Resident Evil:Degeneration:on the platform N-Gage appeared zombie

December 22, 2008, 12:14 pm

resident evil:degeneration:on the platform n-gage appeared zombie   Feature Unit Nokia announced the receipt of the sale of mobile game Resident Evil:Degeneration - shutera with a view of a third person on grounds of the same animation tapes. New game for the N-Gage in the genre of survival horror begins with scenes of zombies crowded airport. In order to successfully complete the game and the players survive to be resolved a lot of secrets, rescue survivors and find a way out of ill-fated building.
At the plot, the tragedy took place in Raccoon City for 7 years. A new place to combat zombies became an airport in the United States. As the developer, every battle with the zombies will require the players` ability to make instant decisions. This will help weapons, maps and information from the characters, uninfected virus.
Note that in the Resident Evil series is a lot of games for various platforms. The total volume of copies of games this universe exceed 35 million units.


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