Reunification Gigabyte and financial results of producers matplat

August 8, 2008, 4:50 am

   Gigabyte Technology Company announced the decision to return to the main branch of its business Gigabyte United, engaged in the production of motherboards and graphics cards. While it is a business area was still retain autonomy in their operations, but reforms should reduce overhead costs by simplifying the processes of production and sales. Date reunification of the two Gigabyte is scheduled for October 1. We can assume that this development company led unsuccessful attempt to organize on the basis of their branch of a joint business with Asustek, and then maintain full ownership business unit of United has lost meaning.
In addition, Gigabyte announced consolidated revenue of $ 819 million for the first six months of this year, while the amount of net profit after taxes amounted to 28, U. S. $ 71 million - at 22, 7% more than last year. There are also similar information on other participants in the first four manufacturers of motherboards.
Asustek Computer`s consolidated revenue in the first half was recorded at 10, U. S. $ 93 billion - by 6, 5% less than last year, while net profit amounted to 442, U. S. $ 31 million, this too is less than the same period last year, at 4, 3%. Curiously results showed Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) - although the company`s gross revenue compared with last year decreased by 8, 92% to 1, to $ 25 billion, while net profit increased more than tenfold - from 0, up to 95 million 11, 6 million to $ Finally, Micro-Star International (MSI) announced consolidated revenue of $ 31, 62 million dollars, so at 13, 76% less than last year`s figure.


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