RIM has sold 50 million smartphones BlackBerry

April 5, 2009, 9:01 am

rim has sold 50 million smartphones blackberry   Research In Motion, the manufacturer of smartphones BlackBerry, announced results for the previous quarter. The company announced that earnings for the fourth quarter of 2009 fiscal year was $ 3, 46 billion, so at 24, 5% more than in the third quarter and 84% higher than the result of a year ago.
The volume of sales for the entire 2009 reached $ 11, 07 billion, which is 84% more than in the 2008 fiscal year (6, 01 billion). Net income was $ 518, 3 million
RIM also otraportovala on the achievement of meaningful marks - sold 50 million smartphone BlackBerry. It should be noted that the results of RIM players responded quickly to the markets:vendor shares rose just 23%.


• has blackberry sold a billion
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