RIM is preparing an analog App Store and Android Market

October 27, 2008, 10:26 am

   Unwilling to lag behind competitors with their own online stores for the distribution of applications for mobile phones, the company Research In Motion (RIM) announced the launch in March 2009, BlackBerry Application Storefront. With the help of a new online service developers will be able to offer owners of BlackBerry smartphones their products and earn an income of 80% of the cost of each copy sold. On the other hand, buyers are able to download the required simple software and a large selection of different applications, concentrated in one place.
Recall, in March this year, its distribution service App Store has launched a company Apple. In recent days, also opened Android Market, which was created to disseminate programs to guglofonov.
In addition, RIM is working on the introduction to their phones Download Center applications (BlackBerry Application Center). The program will allow operators before selling to download directly to mobile devices directories with a proposal to purchase applications. Note from RIM already has experience in implementing such a scheme distribution, for example, so users were invited to download and install the program to access a Web service Facebook.


• analog app android
• Downloal analog app for blackberry
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