Roadmap of Intel for next year

February 17, 2009, 11:45 am

roadmap of intel for next yearroadmap of intel for next yearroadmap of intel for next yearroadmap of intel for next yearroadmap of intel for next yearroadmap of intel for next year 
roadmap of intel for next year   In recent months we have repeatedly raised the topic of future processor company Intel, which plan to see the light. We will do it again, good cause for this is very serious - in our hands has the exclusive information regarding roadmapa chipmeykera for the coming year.
So, according to this slide, the most productive segment of solutions (Extreme) until the first quarter of 2010 did not undergo changes. In the other segments in the third quarter of this year, debuted at the core of the decision under Lynnfield Socket LGA1156. It was expected that these efficient processors with TDP of order 95 W get a new brand markings Core i5. And in the beginning of next year, will begin production of 32-nm processors Clarkdale, the first samples have been demonstrated not so long ago.
As is known, the solutions in Clarkdale performance Socket LGA1156 will mnogochipovuyu layout, with its computational kernel, created by 32-nm production methods, will be side by side on a single substrate with Production on 45-nm technology standards crystal chipsetnoy segment containing the kernel image. Notably, for the formation of crystals of both materials to be used with high dielectric constants (the so-called Hi-K dielectrics).
Speaking on the outcome of entry-level segment, the first changes will happen there until next year, although the possible exit of new models of processors based on the existing nuclei. In the first quarter of 2010 it also debuted a 32-nm products are based on the Clarkdale.
Another interesting slide showing the scheme of Clarkdale processor with integrated graphics.
In this slide are the key features of a desktop platform based on Lynnfield.
then - the characteristics of a desktop platform based on the 32-nm processors Clarkdale.
A small table with a comparison of the two platforms. As can be seen, the most notable innovation is the integration of the graphic adapter in the processor.
With regard to the system logic, Intel plans in this segment demonstrates the next slide.
As shown in the third quarter of this year in the segment Premium Mainstream debut products at the chipset P55 (with the support of Lynnfield), a quarter later, will join them on the basis of chipset H55, H57, P57. According to available information, the models P57 and P55 represent the performance chipsets for computers equipped with discrete graphics adapters;H57 and H55 were developed for systems with integrated graphics.
So this year, Intel is not going to rest on its laurels, but as usual, preparing a lot of interesting products.


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