RoBahc - robot music composer

April 1, 2009, 12:30 pm

   Just a few days ago we reported on the unique achievements of Japanese scientists who have managed to teach a robot to read human thoughts. Rather, provided a tool that can send the robot commands, analyzing brain activity. However, the new developers have amazing achievement - the staff of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an algorithm that enables robots to compose music. Thus, we can talk about the creation of artificial intelligence, which is able to draft with the possibilities of man.
The fact that in composing the music man thinking apparatus can provide a forum person, especially the composer average hands, and said that the first piece of apparatus that has attained the nickname RoBach, was the composition, very similar to the well-known to all Moonlight sonata by Beethoven.
However, before becoming a full-fledged composer, the robot is not listening to one hundred works of the classics, analyzed the combination of music, the most pleasing to the listener. Based on the data and was written by his own composition. But most of all surprised that, in the opinion of students, the robot version sounds much more melodic and more beautiful than the original. The fact that the author is precisely RoBach, there is no doubt - in the list of playable songs for the robot`s Moonlight Sonata was absent.
If you recall that robot ASIMO not so long ago mastered the profession of conductor, it becomes clear that soon robots will play music of their own compositions. Including the processing for an orchestra. What is once again pleased by the audience RoBach, yet unknown. But to assess the next masterpiece, we will have very soon - the robot-composer is already working on new music. At this time, staff chose a jazz style.


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