Robodevushka defiliruet on the catwalk

March 22, 2009, 11:02 am

robodevushka defiliruet on the catwalk 
robodevushka defiliruet on the catwalk   In one of our articles, we met with the robot-girl Aiko. This android is able to sustain a conversation because of the availability of stock for more than 10 thousands of words and phrases, responds to touch, know how to read books and newspapers with a print of not less than 12 points, can distinguish between colors, and can perform some other function, but its main drawback is not the ability to move ( although this possibility will be realized in the next version of Aiko).
As long as Mr. Le Trung (the founder of Project Aiko) teaches a robot walk, specialists from the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have already achieved in this direction some progress. On developers recently demonstrated robodevushku HRP-4C, which defilirovat taught at the podium as a model. Of course, her movements are far from perfect and does not look very impressive, but still did not mention the efforts of the Japanese engineers can not.
The robot is running an operating system, real-time ART-Linux, developed by a group of researchers Human Robotics Group (HRG) at the Institute of AIST. New imitates Japanese girl, is the growth of 158 centimeters and weighs about 43 kg.
What is interesting, HRP-4C will participate in the event Japan`s Fashion Week to be held in Tokyo from 23 to 29 March. Robomodel can talk, and is equipped with thirty engines, which provide walking and movement of your hands. In addition, eight motors are responsible for emotional grimaces.
As noted, want to be able soon to buy a set of developers who will be an HRP-4C with the person and the external casing. The price of this product will be about $ 200 thousand


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