Robot vacuum cleaner CW100 with control via mobile phone

April 10, 2009, 4:13 pm

robot vacuum cleaner cw100 with control via mobile phone   Robots, vacuum cleaners, self-performing the cleaning at home, have long been a familiar feature of modern homes. Korean mobile operator KTF, together with Microbot announced that Assistant to the management of the mobile phone. Vacuum cleaner CW100 cellular communication module is equipped with 3G and a camera.
With the help of the phone holder of the robot can observe the process of cleaning, and even control the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, using a vacuum cleaner transmitted video, you can control the remaining of the house of children, elderly people or pets. In fact, the device becomes the eyes and ears of the owner, disguised in the usual vacuum cleaner. CW100 Cost is $ 370 with a tariff plan of $ 3, 7 a month. As a partnership agreement with France Telecom Korean robot will soon appear in France.


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