Robots will become even more similar to humans

September 15, 2008, 2:09 pm

robots will become even more similar to humans   Japanese engineer Taysuk Kwon, an employee of the institute of design island of Kyushu, at SIGGRAPH in Los Anzhdelese introduced its new development - photorealistic robotized person. Their realistic is playing some human emotions through partying.
Unlike other similar developments person Kvona robots are equipped with synthetic mimic muscles, which not only moves as well as the human face muscles, but also interact with each other, creating the effect of full compliance with real muscles person.
Such an approach to ochelovechivaniyu robots will be used to make robots in the future look more familiar sight for the elderly and children yaselnogo age. It is not a secret that Japan launched a large-scale project to build hospitals, sanatoriums and eventual kindergartens, in which the majority of staff will replace specially designed for the robots. Yes and no robots to communicate distinguishable at first sight from person to fit much more than not similar to a living organism machines.


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