Robots help build on the success of Google Street View

April 1, 2009, 7:43 am

robots help build on the success of google street view 
robots help build on the success of google street view   While the service provided by Google Street View panoramic images from time to time become the center of scandal because of invasion of privacy of people caught in the camera, yet the popularity of the service is great, and it should be recognized - well-deserved. Today it became known that irrepressible Google plans to empower Street View even more, providing a choice of height of viewpoint in a large range, and then go far beyond the city streets, drawing their attention to the user and the picture of life underwater.
The development project involves the use of the latest advances in high technology - electronics, computer systems and robotics. Planned that in future a source of images for the new generation Street View will be many mobile robots equipped with cameras and capable of self-pertseptornye network. The challenges of shooting in the air at the assigned robot bees, known as GooBee and administered modified versions of guglomobiley and Waterfowl GooSea complex will consist of robots kilek and the central coordinating unit, performed in a robotic whale. The first prototypes were robokilek five thousand dollars, and is now on three, but smaller.
According to Google, use robopchel will not only provide the opportunity to choose the height of the point of observation, but also provide rich material for a more realistic three-dimensional models of various attractions. The main focus of attention should be robokilek sun sea and ocean shoals, particularly species-rich tropical waters entertainment, as well as the sunken aircraft, ships and towns. Who knows, perhaps this will give new impetus to the boom of underwater kladoiskatelstva. With all these clear advantages of easy to imagine how bespardonno could invade the privacy of those flying and floating around paparazzi.


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