RootConf:professional conference for the sysadmin

March 31, 2009, 1:13 pm

   In the period from 13 to 14 April in Moscow at the Conference Center will host a professional conference Infoprostranstvo system administration RootConf. This event aims to increase knowledge and expertise of its members - experts in various fields of IT.
You are welcome to browse the topics to be considered during RootConf:

  • cluster storage systems. Decision SoFS;
  • Preventing HTTP DDoS-attacks;
  • Google Android. The architecture, the creation of software, prospects;
  • The reorganization of IPFW and NETGRAPH:a new approach to monitoring the network stack;
  • Zabbix monitoring and distributed thousands of servers;
  • New Reserve copy;
  • Use LDAP Infrastructure Internet companies;
  • High Availability-cluster with their own hands;
  • Citrix XenApp - Application Virtualization;
  • Review features of OpenSolaris;
  • Windows Powershell - script language of the new generation;
  • Tuning FreeBSD 7. 0;
  • Request Tracker - generalized system of registration applications;
  • Exchange Online to Offline;
  • The master-class on information security;
  • Innovations in the architecture of Windows 7, or why the Windows 7 fast;
  • a smooth transition for the company`s legal software;
  • VirtualBox - open virtualization solution. Browse to the administrator;
  • Present and Future of Virtualization Fedora/Red Hat;
  • Resource Management in Linux and OpenVZ;
  • Virtualization of network connections.
A detailed program of the conference can be found at RootConf.


• request tracker rootconf
• rootconf FreeBSD
• rootconf redhat
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