Rumor:NVIDIA may issue a chip GT300 at the beginning of 2009

December 17, 2008, 8:50 pm

rumor:nvidia may issue a chip gt300 at the beginning of 2009   Recently, news about the video card GeForce GTX 260, GTX 285 and GTX 295 is fully seized attention of computer enthusiasts, partial to progress 3D-graphics. Authoritative information resource decided to escape from the topic further the prospects for core GT200 and the transfer of the flagship NVIDIA graphics cards for 55-mm tehprotsess turned to the next-generation graphics chip. Taiwan reporters have made quite a bold statement that the media is the new architecture will see the light in the first quarter of next year. This will processor code GT300, which was first noted in our news past summer.
Unfortunately, the Taiwanese life extremely lavish on information on the specifications of new items, though, and refers to informants close to the production of graphics cards. Reported only that the successor GT200 will be available for 55-nm technology standards for power companies TSMC. Consequently, there is no way to tell what lies under the name GT300, and if this is a monolithic chip with 384 streaming conveyors and support memory GDDR5, which is planned to produce 40-nm technology. One thing is clear, if these rumors are confirmed, in the period from January to March next year, the company NVIDIA will truly new and interesting single solution for the segment of Hi-End.
Meanwhile, rival camp has been very close to the development of 40-nm tehprotsessa. According to the Scandinavian site, a new graphics chip from AMD RV740 has successfully passed phase tape out, which means the completion of the design of circuits and the transfer of necessary documentation manufacturer, in the role which in this case supports the Taiwanese contractor TSMC. NEW replace the nucleus of RV730, known for graphic cards Radeon HD 4670 and HD 4650, and will form the basis for the next line of products for the mass market.


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