Runet celebrates the fifteenth

April 7, 2009, 8:39 pm

runet celebrates the fifteenth   On 7 April 1994, RU domain was added to a database of national top-level domains IANA. Today, 15 years after its creation, in the domain of Russian Federation, more than 2 million names. Two million have been registered in the name of the zone on 22 March. Recall that the first one million domain RU reached on 17 September 2007. By that date Runet was 13 years old. And second of all, it took RU million a year and a half.
is interesting that 44% of domains registered in Moscow or St. Petersburg, 33% - in the regions of Russia (which, incidentally, 13% higher than a year ago), others - abroad. According to analysts of RU-CENTER, according to the number of domains. RU is 6-7 on the location of world ranking of national domains. In autumn 2008, semiannual Runet audience exceeded 34 million people - or 30% of Russia`s population of 18 years.
to the holiday Runet Coordination Center issued an anniversary booklet of Russian national domain RU - 15 years ! , Which vividly describes the history and fascinating national domain RU from birth until the present time in the role of storytellers were men, participated in all major events Runet.


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