Russian programmers winning in mobile development of Google

September 10, 2008, 6:18 pm

russian programmers winning in mobile development of google   Google has announced the completion of competition to develop applications for mobile devices based on its software platform Android - Android Developer Challenge. In the final of the competition came 50 teams of developers from around the world, and among the winners - and Russia`s command.
Russian specialists presented to the court jury Android Developer Challenge social geo-application for mobile devices built on a technological platform map service Google. Draft Sergei Gritsyuka and Dmitri Shipilova from Obninsk called Beetaun. annex designed to not only make your trip anywhere in the world even more interesting and rich, but would take all their friends in a virtual hitchhiking.
Beetaun - a geo-oriented service, which is a unique collection of information on cities throughout the world. Beetaun - a social network that allows find new friends, share experiences, leave comments and post pictures of places in which you visited. The creators of this service, Sergei and Dmitry total of 22 years. In his service, they were able to translate their dream - to create something really useful for each user.


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