SAC as a boiler room

April 19, 2009, 1:01 pm

   The excessive heat generated by computer systems, is an even more significant issue than a larger number of computing technology is installed in the unit area/volume. Built data center in London Telehouse West, designed to provide services kollokeytinga, is a very ambitious project, with a total floor area of about 12 thousand square meters. meters. However, developers of the project, estimated at 180 million dollars, decided to approach the issue of use of funds in the heat of the servers is not trivial, and we intend to replace the traditional and the useless diversion of into the atmosphere to use the resources available to heat nearby buildings in the London area Doklend. Planned capacity boiler houses - up to 9 MW, the launch is scheduled for 2010.
Project Telehouse although not unique in its задумке, but, perhaps, to date the most ambitious of simpler analogs. Previously, IBM designed in Switzerland, DSC, heat which is used to heat the adjacent public swimming pool. Truly green project has been implemented at the University of Notre Dame, where racks of high-performance fuel greenhouses at the Municipal Botanical Garden.


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