Sacred 2 developers went bankrupt

April 22, 2009, 9:55 am

sacred 2 developers went bankrupt   The company Ascaron Entertainment announced in communicating with employees Gamespot bankruptcy. The company also announced its bankruptcy at home in Germany.
Remember that Ascaron four years has been the development of the game Sacred 2. As you can see, does not necessarily delay the release to benefit the manufacturer. Note that the situation is not so bad. According to the developers they have to negotiate a number of representatives of interested organizations, wishing to turn up to purchase the studio.
The company Ascaron Entertainment was founded in the early 90th and the first was called simply Ascaron. Throughout its history the company has managed to release a number of different projects, including Ballerburg, Patrician, Port Royale:Gold, Power and Pirates, Sacred, Arena Wars and the DarkStar One.
We hope that ultimately the studio is not closed.
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