Safe Christmas shopping:tips from Panda Software

December 5, 2008, 8:21 pm

safe christmas shopping:tips from panda software   Many now turning to aid the Internet in search of original Christmas gifts for friends and family. This is not surprising, because the Internet is maintained as a huge store where you can find all that want.
In Spain alone for 2007 online transaction has been committed to 3740 million euros, which is 50 percent higher than in 2006. In 2009, projected a consultant Forrester, the number of the world of online transactions will grow to 12, 2 per cent. But the majority of purchases will be committed to counterfeit Web sites. According to CyberSource, the number of fraudulent transactions increased annually by 20 percent. So in 2007, cyber-criminals have received from such operations profit of $ 3600 million dollars.
To protect users from falling into such traps online, PandaLabs is a list of practical tips that are easy to remember and use in the event during online shopping.
During the Christmas holidays one of the most dangerous threats to users are banking Trojans. These malicious codes have been specifically designed to steal confidential information such as bank passwords, account numbers, etc. They make such information available to cyber-criminals who, in turn, use it, can steal money directly from users. This type of malware represents about 20 per cent of the total number of new types of malicious code that appeared during 2008.
Fishing - is another type of fraud, which users should beware. This type of attack uses email, purportedly sent on behalf of banks and others who actually send users to fake Web pages, requesting their banking data.
False online stores are another option common threat:they also have been created to steal users` banking data. Often, in order to attract potential victims they offer products at surprisingly low prices.
Holiday cards created for the spread of malicious code, infected P2P-loading and deceptive online auctions - are only a small portion of the dangers that threaten to customers in the Christmas holidays.
to protect against threats, PandaLabs advises:
Keep your computer from threats
Before you implement any online payment, Verify that your computer is not infected with any viruses, Trojans, etc. that could steal your credit card information or passwords. Make sure that your PC is installed antivirus, capable of detecting all kinds of threats. Do not forget to update anti-virus solution.
Attend only reliable sites
If you are going to implement an online payment, make sure that the Web page is secure. Web browser should begin with"https". It is important that the status bar of your browser display a small icon depicting the castle.
Listening to the advice of
Before you purchase on-line store, make sure that use the services of a reliable company. Proceed as would have been in real life:ask advice from other users. In the Internet easier to do this simply enter the name of the store in any exploration and read reviews of other buyers. If they are negative - do not buy it.
check twice
Even if you have an antivirus program, make sure your computer is not infected by re-scanning.
Trust instinct
As in real life, the Internet beware of undue cheap goods. If something seems too good to be true, it is likely that it is not the truth. Rely on his instinct and if something does not like it, not buy. Better to miss one seemingly cheap thing, as does losing money.


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