Sales of chips in November were worse than forecasts

January 6, 2009, 12:02 pm

sales of chips in november were worse than forecasts   The world financial crisis has not bypassed by manufacturers of integrated circuits, and although all the products producers tried to prepare for the coming fall in demand, the reality turned out to be worse than predicted. According to analysts` reports, in November, compared with last year`s results for the same period, declining sales of chips was 22, 5%, while the expected decline in demand for semiconductor devices - 18%. When comparing the results in October, then the decline was 7, 2%, namely, from $ 22, 4 billion to $ 20, 8 billion
The most severely affected markets circuits logic solutions for naladonnyh devices, communication and industrial equipment - the reduction of sales exceeded the industry average of semiconductor devices. In contrast, the processors for personal computers, and other microprocessors and optoelectronics showed good (say, in view of the crisis) results. However, the most difficult situation is observed in memory of integrated circuits, where even solid-state drives have not been able to greatly increase the demand for flash memory microchips.
According to experts, the negative trend will occur in December, which will lead to the most optimistic outcome to the outcome of the whole of 2008 - is likely to be recorded 1, 6 per cent drop in sales of integrated circuits, as previously expected decline in the corresponding rate of 1%. However, still await the results for December, which will sum up the past twelve months. If you make a forecast for 2009, the Gartner promises to further deterioration of the situation - as a result only the beginning of the year profits of producers drop immediately by 16, 3% - up to $ 219, 2 billion


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