Sales have Radeon HD 4830 with 800 conveyors

April 16, 2009, 9:10 am

sales have radeon hd 4830 with 800 conveyors 
sales have radeon hd 4830 with 800 conveyors   At the beginning of his biography card Radeon HD 4830 has become the hero of a small scandal involving the number of stream processors. Recall that in October last year in retail sales trickled out a whole lot of accelerators in the graphical kernel of which has been activated 560 Shader conveyor specifications instead of 640 pieces. Based on information from the Chinese site, the situation with the wrong number of computational units in the Radeon HD 4830 was repeated again, only with the accuracy of the reverse.
More recently, some of the younger buyers of video cards from Radeon HD 4800 series have been reports of the presence in the graphical kernel 800 Shader conveyors. As evidence provides screenshots of the diagnostic utility GPU-Z, is well familiar with the chip RV770.
As you see, these boosters Radeon HD 4830 differs from the more productive and costly model of Radeon HD 4850 only working frequency chip and memory - 575/900 (1800) v. 625/993 MHz (1986) MHz. Even untrained users can easily reverse this difference by using the built-in drivers Catalyst overklokerskoy features ATI Overdrive.
is still unknown whether the appearance in the forced sale of copies of Radeon HD 4830 a mass phenomenon, and it is unclear what this might be caused by:ridiculous mistake, or the desire of producers to draw attention to their products in order to get rid of the aging stockpile cards shortly before the new solutions based on the 40-nm graphic chip RV740. There has been no official comment from AMD or its production partners have not yet been reported. In conclusion would like to add that at present fortune often smiles supporters brands PowerColor, Sapphire and Triplex, living in China.


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