Sales of video games for the first time surpassed DVD/Blu-ray

January 28, 2009, 12:07 pm

   According to a report issued recently a marketing company Media Control GfK International, the global retail market for entertainment box drives increased from in 2008 to 6% and passes mark $ 61 billion for the first time in the history of observing the sales of video games exceeded the supply of movies on DVD media and Blu-ray Disc.
According to GfK, the market of games in Italy and Spain are now exceeded 67% of total costs for buyers of home entertainment. The report GfK, including an exclusive retail sales, excluding revenue from the hire of CDs, predicted 12% growth in global sales of game software in 2009 - up to $ 36 billion, while sales of DVD/Blu-ray can even drop by 4% to about $ 27 billion, even though more than double growth in sales of Blu-ray discs, achieved this year, $ 2, 9 billion
In 2008, by the way, there was comparable picture. DVD Sales volumes decreased in the amount of traffic on DVD/Blu-ray dropped by 6% to $ 29 billion But the sale of gaming applications have increased by 20% to $ 32 billion, driven not least the fantastic popular gaming console Nintendo Wii. As the main leader of sales in the segment of DVD/Blu-ray is a company Warner Home Video, both games on the market leader Nintendo.
GfK forecast for 2009 portends that the sale of games would be approximately 57% of the entire world of entertainment sales records.


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