A sample 32-nm chip Clarkdale poses in front of the camera

April 16, 2009, 11:46 am

a sample 32-nm chip clarkdale poses in front of the cameraa sample 32-nm chip clarkdale poses in front of the cameraa sample 32-nm chip clarkdale poses in front of the camera 
a sample 32-nm chip clarkdale poses in front of the camera   In February of this year we reported in our news that the company is Intel officially removed from his roadmapa 45-nm processors Havendale, replacing them with 32 -- nm decisions Clarkdale. Now, thanks to the efforts of one of the forum participants XtremeSystems gives us an opportunity to look at live pictures engineering sample first desktop CPU manufacturer in the performance of Socket LGA1156, manufactured by more subtle technological processes.
to bring the images coming to learn the layout of news items on its abdomen and familiarize themselves with the scheme of placement of contact pads (for comparison, even invited to a separate image chips near Clarkdale and Havendale).
In addition, lucky to have managed to do a screenshot of the windows utility CPU-Z, which indicates that the 32-nm processor operates at a frequency of 2, 40 GHz and has 2 x 256 KB second-level cache, as well as 4 MB third level cache.
At last, remember that members of the family of Clarkdale are mnogochipovuyu assembly, and their computational kernel, created by 32-nm production methods, together on one substrate with Production on 45-nm technology standards crystal chipsetnoy segment containing the kernel image. In order to form crystals of both materials are applied with high dielectric constants (the so-called Hi-K dielectrics). At its core processor architecture belong to a generation Nehalem/Westmere, their support for proprietary technologies Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel Turbo Boost Technology, as well as hardware acceleration of data encryption algorithm for AES. In addition, the chips are equipped with an integrated memory controller to work with two memory frequency up to DDR3 at 1333 MHz. Embedded graphical kernel supports a single channel PCI Express x16, but the operation of processors in Clarkdale motherboards based on Intel P55/P57 chipset supports two discrete graphics cards, which operate on a PCI Express x8 PCI Express x8.


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