Samsung and Scartel launched a mobile WiMAX in Moscow and St. Petersburg

August 10, 2008, 3:17 pm

   As expected, held today at a press conference the company and Skartel Samsung Electronics announced the launch of a test operation of a network of wireless broadband access technologies for Mobile WiMAX in Russia. A young and still little known Russian company who Skartel, mobile services provider, has built a network that operates in the frequency range of 2, 5 - 2, 7 GHz in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to launching the network in both capitals Skartel intends to continue expansion to other regions of Russia.
At a press conference Skartel representatives stated that exclusive supplier of radio equipment for the network in Moscow and St. Petersburg was chosen company Samsung Electronics. Under the signed agreement for Skartel Samsung has put the entire list of radio equipment Mobile WiMAX, including 1 600 base stations, controllers, access gateways ASN-GW, elements of the monitoring system and network management, other necessary equipment, as well as a range of services.
Skartel installed 150 base stations in Moscow and 80 in St. Petersburg, working in the range of 2, 5 - 2, 7 GHz. In total, the project of establishing the first Mobile WiMAX network in Russia until the end of 2008 in both capitals will be installed 1000 stations, each of which will be connected to the company`s own transport network at a speed not lower than 200 MB/sec. All this allows data transmission rate to one user device up to 10 MB/sec. Investment in infrastructure and equipment brought from the fund Telconet Capital Limited Partnership;a total of the draft invested $ 300 million, now mastered more than $ 200 million
Mobile WiM AH - this is the next generation of wireless broadband (4G). Unlike other broadband access technologies, it allows subscribers to move between base stations without a network connection, even a cliff in motion. In Mobile WiMAX network users Yota can work in comfort with the Internet and cellular communications quality dedicated line. Past field trials have shown that the network supports Yota stable connection when moving inside the coverage area by car at speeds up to 120 km/h.
At the time of launch the network on the market will be presented three types of user devices from Yota:USB-modems Samsung and ASUS, Express card ASUS and multi mobile WiMAX Wi-Fi center ASUS, which, in addition to WiMAX is a point of access Wi-Fi, as well as provides an opportunity to connect wired devices for Ethernet and two conventional telephone or fax machines. In USB-modems and Express card embedded software Yota Access, necessary to connect to the network. The devices for sale in retail trade network in November this year.
It is expected that Scartel its network gradually cover all the major cities of Russia with a population of over half a million people. Details can be found on the site Yota. ru - under the brand Scartel provides its services in Russia.


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