Samsung:Android-phone is not delayed

February 16, 2009, 8:20 pm

samsung:android-phone is not delayed   Many had expected that at the World Mobile Congress, Samsung will show the company its first Android-phone. A few days ago, the network has information that the release device Android platform was moved to a later date, resulting in his debut at the MWC will not be.
In an interview with Guardian Yanghi Lee (Younghee Lee), manager of Samsung, said that any shift in the release guglofona not, as the company originally did not intend to announce Android-office in Barcelona.
Someone decided that we will show the device with the Android here. But we never claimed it could not and had not even planned. No transfer, everything goes according to plan. The release will take place later this year, as expected, - said Lee.
However, several other vendors plan to announce their own devices with Android at the World Mobile Congress. These include Huawei.


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